FFL Transfers


Before we send a copy of our FFL to the dealer, the customer must submit the “FFL Transfer Request Form”


  • Incoming Transfers $50
  • Outgoing Transfers $50 + actual UPS Shipping Cost
  • Annual Members $30
  • Additional firearms on the same transaction $5 each
  • NFA Transfers $150 each

Outgoing transfers

In order to facilitate your outgoing transfer please contact the dealer that will be receiving the firearm and request they send a copy of their FFL to our Shipping/Receiving Manager at gsar2@verizon.net.

Once we have the receiving dealer’s FFL we will contact you to finalize the payment and shipping process.

Picking up your transfers

Per law firearms can only be transferred to the person addressed to.

You cannot have a wife, family member, or friend pick it up for you. Do not order firearms for other people.

All transfers must be picked up within 15 days of arrival. Any transfer picked up after 15 days of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $15.00. Firearms picked up more than 90 days after arrival will incur an additional fee of $50.00. Firearms not picked up after one year will be considered abandoned and sold. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the General Manager. Exceptions will generally only be granted to Military personnel and Annual Members who are currently serving overseas, and must be granted before ordering the firearm and having it sent to us.

For persons conducting NFA transfers there will be an additional charge of $50 if you do not come in and do the NFA paperwork within 60 days of us receiving the NFA item.

We will make a reasonable effort to call you when your firearm arrives. Not being called by us will not result in a waiving of the fee for not picking up your gun within 15 days. You ordered it and know it is coming.

We do not accept transfers from Impact Guns, Sports South, or Buds Gun Shop/Police Supply.

Identification Requirements

To pick up your firearm(s), you will need a valid Virginia State Issued Driver’s License with your current address and 30 days old from the “original issue” date.

Sharpshooters no longer accepts Virginia ID Cards.

We do not perform transfers to residents of other states, with exception to active duty military members who otherwise meet residency requirements.

We process transfers for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens. Resident Aliens must have their green card present at the time of transfer. We do not perform transfers for aliens with I-94 and other types of Visa’s.

Military Customers

Members of the armed forces who do not have a Virginia Driver’s License but are stationed in Virginia may pick up transfers so long as the following conditions are met.

You must have a Military ID, Common Access Card (CAC) and a copy of your PCS Orders that assign you to a duty station in the State of Virginia, and/Leave and Earnings (LES) statement.

Military persons who live in Virginia but are stationed in Maryland or Washington, DC cannot receive transfers under current Virginia law unless they also have a current Virginia Driver’s License.

Multiple Handgun Purchases

VA Law requires that a person possess and provide valid Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit when purchasing more than one handgun in a 30-day period.

Other Issues

If you are unsure of our policy, or have any questions, please give us a call and ask to speak with a manager. We would much rather ensure you have the correct info, than to have you drive here (in our awful NOVA traffic) and discover that you cannot pick up your firearm.

There are many dealers that have our FFL information on file.

If you have a firearm shipped to us and do not inform us that it is coming, we may not be able to inform you of its arrival if the shipper did not include any contact information for you.

Firearms that are received without contact info are still subject to the time limits listed above.

While we do accept transfers from individuals, we do not send out our FFL to them, they can verify our FFL status prior to shipping the gun to us by going to https://www.atfonline.gov/fflezcheck/ and entering the numbers 1, 54 and 05388.

Firearms must be logged in before they can be picked up.

Firearms received after 3pm, will not be available for pick up until the following day.

If you receive notification that your shipment has arrived, call us first to confirm receipt.

In-Store Transfers

We can conduct person to person, private sales or otherwise referred to as “in-store” transfers.

Both parties must be present.

We receive the firearm(s) from the original owner and log them into our records.

Simultaneously we will facilitate the background check for the new owner.

The original owner may leave once the approval has been received for the new owner and the transaction has been completed.

If there is a “delay”, we will contact the new owner when we received the approval.

If there is a “denial”, the original owner must return to pick up the firearm. However, this is subject to all the same laws and policies as aforementioned (see Identification Requirements)

If the original owner is not a resident of VA, we must ship the firearm to a dealer in the state of residence at the owners cost.

Returning Transfers

If for some reason your transfer cannot be picked up and has to be returned WE will still charge the transfer fee plus return shipping. Any fees incurred from excessive storage will also be applied.